Top tips to help with your job search

by Martin McGhee on 06 April 2022
Top tips to help with your job search

As legal recruitment specialists, we at G2 Legal know how demanding the job search can be. However, by following these top tips, you can make the whole process a lot less daunting!

Assigning time for the search

One of the most effective tools in your arsenal that you can use, is your email calendar. Using your online calendar to block out increments for your job search can be key to increasing productivity and motivation. By doing this, you will make strong strides towards achieving that dream role, as the search can get lost in your daily tasks if you try and do them side by side. It’s also very handy as it acts as a reminder!

Focusing on one task at a time

By limiting multitasking and focusing on singular tasks at a time, you are able to divert all of your concentration to completing a singular task more efficiently and effectively. For example, updating your CV, searching for jobs, speaking to us at G2 Legal. This allows you to complete more tasks, with a higher degree of quality.

Small objectives

Instead of only setting the large goal of getting the dream job (which may take a significant amount of time and resources to achieve), also setting smaller objectives throughout the day, that are more achievable, can significantly increase motivation as you are consistently achieving goals. This in-turn will help you find that dream role while mitigating the feeling of despondency if you feel you are not finding it quick enough.

Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks is key to allowing you to clear your mind, recharge and prepare for completing your next task. Over the course of the day, this will significantly help maintaining your focus. To find out more about how truly beneficial regular breaks are, you can view our article on Brain Breaks.

Regular meetings with our consultants

Having regular meetings with our specialist consultants at G2 Legal allows you to collaboratively prioritise what needs met from your side, what we have to bring to you, what opportunities are out there and what we can do together to speed up the process.

Contacts us

If you are struggling with your job search, please do not hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion regarding potential opportunities across Scotland or for more information about the current legal market. You can get in touch with any of our legal consultants here at G2 Legal on:

 0131 278 0000

About the author

Martin is a legal recruitment consultant specialising in placing qualified solicitors, from Newly Qualified through to Partner, as well as Trainee solicitors approaching qualification, in all legal disciplines across Scotland.