Candidate search - how many exceptions can you make?

by Connor Norris on 01 April 2022
Candidate search - how many exceptions can you make?

At G2 Legal we talk to clients daily about their open vacancies, and what qualities they require in a candidate in order for the role to be filled.   

We are experts at G2 Legal. We know what firms need, and what candidates want.  

How easy is it to get the exact match? Yes, sometimes it works out perfectly. However, most of the time, allowances need to be made. Are you willing to make exceptions to secure a great candidate for your firm?  

Job Spec 

A job spec is crucial for us at G2 Legal to understand what is required in the role and what your firms’ expectations are. However, most of the time the job spec is set in stone and has no wriggle room. The benefit of having a conversation with us over the phone is that we get to understand what is essential and what is advantageous. 

Will we always be able to find you the exact skills and experience you are looking for? Potentially not. However, we are confident the candidates we send you would be a good fit for your firm. We take the time to understand the client and the candidate to ensure this. Here’s an example for you:  

Must be excellent at business development  

Not all solicitors enjoy or are excellent at business development. However, they are excellent and meticulous with their quality of work and by doing so maintain great relationships with clients.  

Candidate Spec 

Are you being too picky when it comes to the ‘perfect’ candidate? Do I think some firms miss out on amazing candidates because they do not have 5 out of 5 of their set expectations? Yes, absolutely. 

I ensure that having confidence in the candidates we send to you will support your search. We don’t chase the fee. We don’t send candidates that won’t be right for you. Maintaining relationships with your firm matters to us.  

We work with many candidates that might not always have the exact experience you are looking for. We do know our candidates, and if we are backing our candidates by sending you their CV, then we believe they are right for you.  

Do you have a vacancy to be filled? Pick up the phone today and let’s talk it through.  

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Connor recruits solicitors at all levels, from NQ to Partner in Leeds Sheffield & Yorkshire. Focusing on the commercial market he specialises in Corporate, real Estate, Banking & Finance and Litigation.