Fall in Love with your Commute

by Oliwia Osuch on 08 February 2022
Fall in Love with your Commute

Fall in love with your commute 

Working from home during lockdown had its advantages and disadvantages. Most people's favourite part was the lack of commute. Now that the offices are opening back up, we've decided to share our favourite ways to make your commute more productive and enjoyable! 

New language 

Learning a new language couldn't be easier when you always have your smartphone in your pocket. Instead of scrolling through social media, give Spanish or Italian a try! My favourite app to use is Duolingo because it's interactive and focuses on listening, writing, and speaking. Even 10 minutes a day will make a difference and you'll be surprised how much you understand next time you're wandering through las Ramblas in Barcelona.  


Your commute is also a perfect time to read the book you've had on your to-read list for way too long. I personally like using a Kindle because it's compact and always fits in my bag. You can also simply download an eBook onto your phone or tablet. You'll be done with your novel before you know it even if you're only reading a few pages a day.  


If you're driving or you're not a fan of reading on public transport because of the risk of travel sickness, audiobooks will become your best friends. Most books are now available in the audio version whether you’re looking for a fantasy novel, crime, or something more educational. If you’ve tried audiobooks in the past and weren’t keen on them, try a few different narrators to find your favourite one. 


Podcasts are the new radio. Downloading and listening to these is a great way of staying up to date on the go. Unlike audiobooks, in which an author narrates a story, podcast episodes generally consist of conversations between two or more individuals which feels more natural and less structured than a book. With more opportunities for interesting tangents and divergences, it makes the listening more unpredictable. 



A moment of mindfulness will prepare you for a stressful day or help you unwind after hectic time in the office. My favourite app to use is called Headspace. You can choose from meditation sessions focused on breathing, coping with stress or anxiety. You also get to decide how long the sessions are, so you don’t accidentally miss your stop!  

 Job search 

Last, but not least. If you feel like there is something missing from your current role, why not take the first step to finding a new job? Browse the G2 Legal website to see if any positions spark your interest and connect with us on LinkedIn to arrange a confidential call about the current job market and opportunities we are working on. We are always keen to have a discussion! 

Please do not hesitate to contact any of our G2 Legal consultants who are passionate about helping candidates find their dream job! 

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About the author

Oliwia is a legal recruitment consultant specialising in placing solicitors at all levels, from NQ to Partner in Birmingham. She focuses on the commercial market including Corporate, Commercial, Real Estate, Banking & Finance and Commercial Litigation.