Legal events. The (not so) hidden gem that you must uncover! 

by Martin McGhee on 03 February 2022
Legal events. The (not so) hidden gem that you must uncover! 

Legal events. The (not so) hidden gem that you must uncover! 

Throughout your legal career, you will undoubtedly be invited to numerous conferences and events and these will be incredibly beneficial to you. ‘What will I gain from attending?’ I hear you ask. Well in this article, I am going to answer that very question!  


This is the first and most obvious benefit of attending legal events, due to the extremely positive impact it will have on your career development. You will be able to grow your personal network of connections by adding industry professionals of various backgrounds and skillsets, who may help you grow in a personal and professional capacity further down the line. By getting your name out there by enhancing and developing your network with peers, you will be provided with industry insights, ideas, best practices and contacts within your industry. These are all very key for developing your career in the future!   

Business development  

It won’t just be your peers within the legal industry who are attending these events and more often than not, you will be brushing shoulders with current and prospective clients. It may sound old fashioned, but by meeting these people face to face and having a positive interaction, you may just end up on the top of their list when they are looking to make new business. The same goes with current clients, who may wish to expand their dealings with you!  

Industry Insight  

These events almost always have a plethora of industry professionals speaking on a variety of current topics and issues. This is a great way for you to soak up any insight and new ideas regarding the legal realm, which you can relay back to your current firm and colleagues to brainstorm and capitalise on!  

If you are a second-year trainee and this article has made you interested in attending legal events …. We’ve got you covered on that front! On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of March the G2 Legal NQ Career Talk and Networking evening is coming to Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen respectively. We would love to see you there! Follow this link for more information and tickets: 

About the author

Martin is a legal recruitment consultant specialising in placing qualified solicitors, from Newly Qualified through to Partner, as well as Trainee solicitors approaching qualification, in all legal disciplines across Scotland.