Is a Cover Letter Pointless?

by Melissa Tang on 26 January 2022
Is a Cover Letter Pointless?


I saw this post the other day written by a SEO, and it made me think… 

“Having to write cover letters is so pointless. Do you really believe my dream ever since I was a little girl was to optimise SEO for a mid-level online publication? No. It was to ride a pony on a space rainbow.”  

I mean…she’s got a point!  

My dream as a little girl wasn’t to work at G2 Legal, it didn’t even exist then!  

I wanted to be an Artist because I had a love for anything colourful as a child and I remember my Mum saying to me that I would make a bee line towards the art easel every morning when she dropped me off at nursery!  
Now…. If you are going to attempt to write a cover letter, my advice for you from someone who’s viewed quite a few; 


  • Be generic - we can smell a generic cover letter a mile off! Shows real lack of intent from your side
  • Start it with “Please find attached” or “I’m writing to apply” EVERYONE does that! Your goal is to be a standout job applicant
  • Copy all the content that’s on your CV, it’s a pointless exercise!
  • “Dear Sir/Madam” - try and find out the contact or address it to the Partner/Recruitment Team – this is something that your G2 Legal Consultant can help you with


  • Link your reasons as to why you’re applying to the firm based on their values or mission statement Discuss your emotive/motivational reason - link/name drop articles or news publications featuring the firm or employees like the Partner/Head of Department 
  • Relate your achievements/career highlights to elements/outcomes of the role the firm are looking for
  • Make sure you mention the firm name and role you’re applying to, it’ll look like a targeted cover letter rather than a, “one size fits all” cover letter.

As a Legal Recruiter, do I read every cover letter that’s sent… honestly… NO! 
But sometimes if I’m struggling to shortlist based on the strong quality of applicants, a well written cover letter may sway me. But 99% of the time I’ve already decided that I want to progress/shortlist you based off of your CV and our initial conversation!     

For more advice, please do not hesitate to contact us here at G2 Legal.

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About the author

Melissa Tang
Regional Principal Consultant
Melissa joined G2 Legal in 2018. She has several years recruitment experience and specialises in working with qualified Solicitors, from NQ to Partner, as well as experienced fee earners. Melissa focusses on permanent and contract opportunities.