Starting out in your Legal Career? My 5 Top Tips for Your First Day

by Connor Norris on 21 December 2021
Starting out in your Legal Career?    My 5 Top Tips for Your First Day

I took a call yesterday from a recent law graduate, who had just started their first legal position. 

Sadly, their first day didn’t go so well and it got me thinking…

How can someone prepare for their first day?

Well, if you have any doubts about what to do, here are my 5 top tips!

Give me a call

You will hear me telling you about the benefits of working with me at G2 Legal at some point throughout our conversations. When I say feel free to pick up the phone at any time, I really do mean it. Give me a call the day before and we can chat through anything that you might want to talk about. Talking about how you are feeling always helps.

New commute

Planning your travel and new route to work can help, but why not go one step further? Travelling your new commute a few days before will help take this off your mind as you’ll know exactly how long it’s going to take you. I’ve always found doing this can be one less thing to worry about.

Ask Questions

Asking questions reinforces your employers that they have made the right decision to hire you as it shows you are interested and thinking about your new role. I would stay away from “how early can I leave?” and more of “who do I speak to to get x, y, z done?” Planning questions prior to day one is always a good idea as you will most likely be asked if you have any questions. Need any help with this? I can guide you in the right direction.

Look the part

It’s 2021, I know. The days of 3-piece suits have gone. Looking professional and dressing for your day is the new norm. Dressing for your day is what we do at G2 Legal, and it works. Comfortable but smart enough that you feel ready for the work you are going to complete. But be sure to check what the situation is at your new place of work before you start.

Turn up on time

This one sounds obvious but being punctual costs nothing and it means a lot.  If anything, be five or ten minutes early.

I know these tips may sound common sense but if you are just starting out in your legal career, it pays to put your best foot forward on your first day!

If these simple steps can make your first day less stressful and more successful, then why wouldn’t you follow them?

What are your top tips for a great first day? Comment below!

At G2 Legal we really do care. What makes us stand out from the rest is we will be with you throughout your journey and will always be available to chat through any concerns that you have. I’d love to hear if you are seeking a new opportunity! Contact me today 0131 278 0000

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