Employers - Candidates don't just need interview feedback - They Deserve It!

by Martin McGhee on 30 November 2021
Employers - Candidates don't just need interview feedback - They Deserve It!

Employers – Candidates don’t just need interview feedback – they deserve it!

Are you an employer who doesn’t provide feedback? Then this article is a must read for you.

Here at G2 Legal, we know how important interview feedback is for both candidates and employers. It helps candidates develop and improve for future recruitment processes and it helps protect employers’ brands.


Apart from the job offer, candidates desire feedback on their performance more than anything else. It helps them recognise where they can improve as well as identify the areas where they performed well.

If candidates are successful in the interview process, being provided with detailed feedback is equally as important to them as it will provoke a stronger buy-in to the firm, as it demonstrates that their skills and experience are valued.


Providing feedback to candidates, whether or not they have been successful, paints you in a positive light. Candidates may not be suitable for a certain role, but this does not rule them out of future opportunities with your firm.

According to a study undertaken by LinkedIn talent solutions, candidates are four times more likely to consider applying to a company in the future, if they have been given feedback regarding how they performed during the interview process. This highlights the necessity of not alienating candidates by not providing them with feedback.

Furthermore, word of mouth is key, especially in the world of law. If a candidate has a particularly poor interviewing process with your firm, chances are they will tell their friends and family, portraying your firm in a negative light.

However, this can be negated by providing a detailed account of both the positive and negative aspects of how a candidate performed in the interview process.


Here at G2 we strive to ensure that our candidates receive the feedback of how they performed and areas of improvement, to develop their interviewing capabilities and increase their chance of success in the future.

About the author

Martin is a legal recruitment consultant specialising in placing qualified solicitors, from Newly Qualified through to Partner, as well as Trainee solicitors approaching qualification, in all legal disciplines across Scotland.