How to make your office greener

by Martin McGhee on 12 November 2021
How to make your office greener

How to make your office greener! Follow these 7-steps to help reduce your office’s carbon footprint.

  1. Sustainability Team

Start a sustainability team in your office, who focus on developing and implementing green ideas, such as recycling programmes, as well as plastic waste and paper usage monitoring.

  1. Green Challenges

Create monthly green challenges for your office! Creating targets can be a fun and competitive way of reaching your sustainability goals, with small prizes or incentives as rewards, to keep the competition fuelled!

  1. Switching off

Remember when leaving the office, to have all of the electronics, lights and heating turned off. Switch off at the main plug! This will significantly reduce your office’s carbon footprint.

  1. Office Products

While the office budget may not stretch to overhauling your electrical products, but when they do have to be replaced, opt for more energy efficient and sustainable ones. In the long run, this will have a substantial impact.  

  1. Paperless

Going paperless in the office significantly reduces waste. Vince Digneo, the sustainability strategist for Adobe, has calculated that corrections, revisions and updates on printed documents contribute to 90% of office waste! Keeping digital documents makes amending and storing that much simpler, as well as greener!

  1. Desk Plant

Bringing in a desk plant to your office doesn’t only make the office visually greener, but also physically! They produce more oxygen, making the office workspace clear and more vibrant, as well as offsetting chemicals released into the air by new office furniture!

  1. Green Commuting

If possible, encouraging green commuting to and from the workplace can make a real difference to your carbon footprint! Digneo states that it significantly reduces an organisations Scope 3 emissions, which is why employers offering schemes to reduce their carbon footprint, for example the cycle to work scheme, can truly make a real difference to an organisations carbon footprint!

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