Emoji Yes? - Emoji No?

by James Hitti on 12 November 2021
Emoji Yes?   -  Emoji No?

Social has taken over, don’t you think? 

What was once just happening on facebook is on multiple channels. 

 Insta,  WhatsApp,  TikTok,  Telegram,  Twitter,  Signal and  LinkedIn are just a few of the platforms that we all know.

Most businesses are, at the very least, on Linkedin.

If they're not, in the main, they are being left behind as the world continues to figure out networking/ marketing and the remote working conundrum.

BUT should we use EMOJI’s in work emails? 

Is it acceptable?  

Is it professional?   

Or is it just plain annoying? 

When I started in legal recruitment, many years ago, I remember a colleague getting an email from a client with their grammatical errors underlined in red and the corrected version sitting neatly alongside.

There wasn’t anything massively wrong with that colleague’s email, the odd apostrophe, a spelling mistake and a tense in one sentence from memory. 

Thankfully, times have changed. 

BUT so has the language we use.  AND so have the ways we communicate.  The speed at which we all operate has increased too. 

Which brings me back to social.

Emojis are everywhere, on every social channel everyone posts with emojis.  So would you use them in a work capacity?

Personally I do on Linkedin all the time and I don’t see anything wrong with it.  In emails with job seekers and hiring managers I am far less inclined to – I do occasionally, but I would probably wait for someone to use one first!

About the author

James Hitti
Director & Head of Scotland, Commercial & International
James started his career in Legal recruitment in 2005, joining G2 in 2017 to manage the Scotland team. He specialises in qualified solicitor appointments, from NQ to Partner, in Private Practice & In-House across Edinburgh & Glasgow.