Dress for Your Day

by Melissa Tang on 05 November 2021
Dress for Your Day

Does the way you dress make you less productive? When working, do people even care what you wear anymore?

In 1975, “wardrobe engineer” John T. Molloy wrote his bestseller Dress For Success. Sales exploded as soon as the book hit the shelves. Molloy then published a second book two years later, specifically for working women. These books went onto not only shaping generations’ mindset towards working women but also popularising the saying, “dressing for success” - but is this saying now outdated?        

I remember when, “casual Fridays” were introduced to me, and I got the detailed email on what to wear and not to wear on casual Fridays. Open-toe versus close-toe shoes - shoes that showed some toe were okay, but not if they had a flip-flop-like strap between the toes. How does that even make any sense? My mind is still boggled to this day!

However, it was put simply for Fridays, “Dress appropriately”.    

For many firms across Scotland, they never closed their doors during lockdown, but some did of course increase homeworking and some even adopted a 'Dress for Your Day' policy, as did G2 Legal.

I don’t often find myself in a full suit these days, but I have heard of firms being one...or the other.

Is blended the way to go? Do you feel strange in a suit if your colleagues aren't? Does it really matter? Do your clients even care anymore?

(Isn't there better things to worry about?)

I'd love to hear your thoughts??!! 

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Melissa Tang
Regional Principal Consultant
Melissa joined G2 Legal in 2018. She has several years recruitment experience and specialises in working with qualified Solicitors, from NQ to Partner, as well as experienced fee earners. Melissa focusses on permanent and contract opportunities.