G2 Company Secretarial: CV Writing Masterclass

by Sabrina Asfour on 21 April 2021
G2 Company Secretarial: CV Writing Masterclass

Your CV is the first impression employers and recruiters get of you, so it is essential to ensure it is done right and has all the necessary information.

Sabrina, from the Company Secretarial team, presents a useful video explaining what your CV needs to contain and certain do’s and don’ts. There is not one specific layout for a CV, but it should contain certain information that employers and recruiters need to see.

Take a look and see if your CV could use some updating!

About the author

Sabrina Asfour is a 2:1 Law Graduate with experience sitting on a board of directors. She has a nationwide remit, placing company secretaries and governance specialists, at all levels, into financial services roles.